Luštica - a perfect place for explorers

Luštica - a perfect place for explorers


Luštica peninsula may not be the first location that comes to mind when looking for a place to explore in the Mediterranean coastline, however it is a true hidden gem. Whether you’re a seasoned visitor or a nomad, you can be easily seduced by a variety of things to do here.

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Diverse landscapes rich in wildlife and a clement, gentle climate with plenty of sunshine make Luštica peninsula a travel adventurer’s playground. The serene coastline gives way to a wild, exciting interior, where dramatic mountain peaks tower over forests and lakes that remain largely unspoiled, yet accessible. The famous Blue Cave, situated halfway between Luštica Bay and Žanjic beach, belongs to spots that make you became aware of the sublime beauty.

In a small village called Zabrdje, you can find a hidden magic place, the 400 year-old heritage property, belvedere ''Stari mlin'' (Old mill). At the altitude of 250 meters, with astonishing views of the Bay of Kotor and the twin massifs of the Orjen and Lovčen mountains, there is a family property with unique type of mill used for grinding olives.

The family of Jovan Stojkovič will welcome you warmly so you can indulge in the art of olive growing and harvesting while enjoying the opportunity to hear local stories. And if you taste the organic olive oil, home-made prosciutto and cheese prepared in olive oil, your Montenegrin tradition experience will be complete.

And should you struggle to choose whether to explore the medieval UNESCO-protected seaside fortress town of Kotor or the idyllic Venetian republic maritime towns of Rose and Perast, we recommend to stay around the Stojkovič kind family members and to learn about the Montenegrin secrets while sipping the ambience that retains all the charm of this region’s long history and rich traditions.

Your stay in Luštica could be spiced up by different cultural events taking place in near towns this summer. You can get to the heart of Montenegro by taking part in its varied festivals. From art, film, music and theatre to food and wine, the country celebrates its distinctive culture throughout the summer months:

Kotor festival of theatre for children, an event during which the mayor of the city offers the children of Kotor the keys to the gated old town in a festive ceremony which launches 12 days of plays, stories and music performed by an international cast.

Tivat INART street performance festival, a three-day festival hosting musicians, dancers, theatre ensembles and animators from Montenegro and the world.

Perast FAŠINADA, a ceremony showing how the citizens of Perast load stones onto their boats and throw them into the water around Our Lady of the Rock in the Bay of Kotor.

Budva theatre city, an arts event founded in 1987 that takes over the plazas and squares of the Old Town in a festival of theatre.

There are plenty of places at the peninsula where old traditions and true hospitality are still alive today. Take in the friendliness of locals, indulge in original food and culture, and enjoy an authentic experience.

Discover Montenegro’s unspoiled southern coast. Enjoy authentic local culture!

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