Make friends around the world travelling and hosting those who travel


Make friends around the world travelling and hosting those who travel

Who wouldn’t want to have an authentic experience while travelling? The problem is that we usually don’t have friends everywhere we go. Only sometimes we are lucky enough to bump into strangers that are available to spend time with us and show us the really specials aspects of a new country.

This is why was born. The aim is to facilitate direct contact between local people who want to offer travelers a unique and real experience with people who want to experience a place in its full authenticity when travelling.

This new concept is based on the experience of its founders who realized that they really got to know a country or a place when they had the opportunity to discover it with local friends or local people encountered during a trip.

“We realized that local people are so proud of where they live that they can really pass on the true spirit of the place. Something a travel agency cannot do.  People are passionate about their own place and this gives them a unique status of a host”, says Fabrizio Cannella, one of the founders.

 “It’s harder and harder these days to offer something unique to people and with our approach, we think we can remodel traditional tourism and provide more special and personal experience to people around the world”, continues Cannella.

“We often use the words unique or authentic because we would like travelers to experience the real life, the cuisine and the spirit of places through people. How exciting is to visit the small and hidden spots where you meet local people and do things you don’t find in a guide”, he enthusiastically adds. is a free web platform through which people can connect and find the right contacts for their travel destination. By putting in direct contact those who want to travel and those who want to host travelers, we enable informal and fast contact. People can easily browse our website and find the right person and the right place and get it touch with a click of a mouse.

As a consequence, we offer a fantastic experience:

Travelers can enjoy a new way to travel , in fact they can spend time with local people , visit places that are not in the guides, eat real local food prepared by locals and do things that normally only locals do. With the advice of locals, they also may be able to travel spending less money and get local support. Of course the travelers can just leverage local contacts for a day or for few hours but they will hardly forget this time. And, who knows, maybe they will stay in touch.

Locals, on the other side, have a great opportunity to get to know people coming from all around the world and show them their place. Thanks to platform, they will be able to show activities they want to promote and all details important for the travelers.  The attractiveness of the activity depends only on the creativity of the locals. They can even make some money by agreeing certain remuneration with the travelers.  Of course, this as well as all other details is agreed before meeting.

Our aspiration? We want platform become the most important forum for all people active in tourism.

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