Sicilian scents and flavours

Sicilia - Palermo

Tiny but extremely friendly space: lunch, apero and dinner, choice from a narrow menu of dishes that are often changed depending on the season. We have opted for the unusual that will let you experience a pleasant time to rediscover the flavors and scents of the Sicilian strictly “on km 0”: good oil, hot bread and fragrant oregano that blend together, flavored olives, Sicilian cheese and sausages, fritters and nuggets that have not seen the freezer but only the freshest ingredients. Very hot baked potatoes, tomato and basil bruschetta, flirty freshly baked sfincione, homemade sandwiches with mortadella salami and lemon, farro salad ... ... and to drink, for alcohol lovers, beer and wines of our land, for the teetotalers, freshly pressed and strictly seasonal fruit. Dessert: a mouth-watering tirramisù even teetotalers will love.

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