The underground of Palermo called The Arab Muchate

Sicilia - Via Castellana Bandiera,, Palermo

In a continuing path of rediscovery of our territory, we come back to visit one of the most extensive underground and practicable quarries in the Palermo underground. The quarry, dug at the end of the Arab period, has been operating since the 20’s of the last century. In the second half of the same, given the high degree of humidity, some locals were using it as a mushroom farm. The quarry spreads across three separate levels and affects the Pleistocene limestone that characterizes the subsoil of the Palermo plein. You can observe the excavation techniques used for the construction of tunnels and for the extraction of what’s in common language are improperly called "tuff". The route runs through tunnels whose dimensions vary in height, some (most) stretches can be walked safely standing, in some you will need to crawl because some of the corridors are abandoned tunnels that were used for depositing remaining materials, during the period of quarrying. 9:00 am appointment at Via Ammiraglio Rizzo, at the corner with Via Castellana Bandiera. There are two groups of 20 people maximum each. The first group will in visit the quarry at 9:30 am and the second at 11.30. The total path of each group is about 2 and a half hours. You should wear tennis shoes and bring along a spare since in some steps we can to dust. We also suggest to bring a bottle of water. Each participant will be provided with a helmet with illumination. The excursion is suitable for everyone including children (under 7 years old are free, without the use of helmets). Cost of € 10.00 inclusive of helmet rental, guide and insurance. Reservations required email at:, indicating the number of participants and mobile phone number. The underground quarries visit will take place even in case of unfavorable weather conditions.

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