Valbona Valley National Park (The Albanian miracle of the Alps)

Rest of Albania - Tropoje/Albania

Hi, my name's Fitim Çokaj and I am 30 years old .I come from Tropoja (the northeast district of Albania.I work as a local guide here .speaking English and knowing the local area gives me the opportunity to do this job better.what I offer is guiding individuals or groups who want to visit my country district .it depends on you but i am ready to come to the capital city to wait for you if you decide to come and guide you through my country to destination Valbona or highlands but it cost a bit more for you than waiting here in Tropoja for you guiding to destination and all around it .my guide price goes from 50 Euro a day to 90 euro if i come for you to Tirana capital city and if we have long hours hiking .i have a foit also depends on how much time you have to spend here cause the nature is a miracle we can travel at the village and hiking in several beautiful mountains crossing from valbona to Thethi valley Park which has a wonderful nature below I am going to give you information about the destination(Valbona National Park)

The name “Valbona” is used to refer to the Valbona River, which in turn flows through the valley bearing its name, and a small village in the valley, as well the general area informally.  It’s located in the Tropoja District of Northern Albania.  This district, bordering Kosovo to the northeast, and Montenegro to the northwest, in combination with the adjacent district to the west, encompasses a region called the Malësi in Albanian, which translates roughly as “The Highlands,” with all the attendant romance conjured up by the English term. Valbone village is about 1000 meters above sea level. Currently Valbone village has about 30 houses, mostly old 2-3 storey tower with thick stone walls and roof of the characteristic alpine board.


The park has an area of approximately 8,000 hectares and is located 25-30 km north of the city of Bajram Curri.

To go Valbone have to travel 7 hours from the capital city. Each visitor has the opportunity to enjoy a ferry trip in the lake of Koman and have the opportunity to have a wonderful views of green mountains and great rocks as passing through them .

Valbona located 25 miles from Bajram Curri and move toward it should pass, Dragobi.

Dragobis Village is the oldest of the area, with stone towers 100 and 200 years and even older. Just after passing Dragobine in the arm to Valbona runoff among the dense forest located caves of Bajram Curri.

During the entire journey accompanies the Valbona limpid water that comes from melting snow from the peaks of the Alps.     Visit us and you won't be disappointed I guarantee. 

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