Debed River Rafting

Debed River Rafting


Rafting is a new, but rapidly developing, extreme sport in Armenia. After making the first excursion on the Debed River of Lori Marz; Lori Travels now knows that it will be able to offer rafting on this stretch of river, weather permitting. This stretch of the Debed River has class III, IV, and V rapids (Class III rapids are moderate while IV and V are more violent).

The instructors demonstrated proper rafting technique. For rafting, teamwork and spirit are very important, padding as a team not only makes rafting safer, but also helps to maximize your adrenaline and experience.

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"When everyone is paddling, they must be listening to the instructor’s command as it's possible that the waves will only be safely navigated when riders paddle on either the left or right side of the raft. Hold fast, these are the basic things that can keep you safe you when you come to the river.”

Although rafting takes place on the water, it has nothing to do with the usual watercraft navigation. Rafting, compared to other watersports can be extreme and adrenaline filled; this activity is not for the faint hearted.

You should be ready to get wet when rafting. Waves can be strong enough that they may capsize your raft. It is better to know this before rafting so you will not be surprised when you find yourself in the river, although that is not the desired outcome.

The 12-kilometer stretch of the river used for rafting takes about 1 hour and 20 minutes to float. At the end of the voyage tea is served around a campfire. This is a fitting end to a great experience.

The most important advice for rafting is to go with a large group. You will be able to hear the excited “shouts” of your friends from across the Debed River.

For more information, contact the locals clicking on CONNECT of the Debed River Rafting activity.




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