Rafting in the Debed river

Lori - Tumanyan

For the first time in Armenia? Visit Lori region and enjoy a rafting trip in the Debed river.

Lori region is located on Armenia's northern border, bounded on all sides by rugged mountains and cut by sheer gorges. Here, you can find a dramatically beautiful nature in the valleys of the Debed, Pambak and Dzoraget rivers.

Beginning from 2017 Lori travel arranges rafting routes to make it out of any danger and safe. Thanks to the international experts, today- after a year hard work, we can offer rafting in the river Debed, Armenia, Lori region. Very soon <the Rafting Centre> will be newly opened for the tourists. Visiting Armenia, they will have an opportunity for a few days to train this so much interesting extreme sport in Lori region.

These days the rafting team does its best by daily and actively training. It gets ready for the official opening of Rafting 2018 in Armenia, May 20.

For  this moment, the length of the rafting route is 12 km. But the rafting team is doing its best to extend it to 30 km up to the end of June.

All the rafting participants in Armenia have Compulsory Insurance. So we invite everybody by the name of Armenian rafting team to discover Armenia with this new attractive sport. You can be acquainted with the beauty and nature of Armenia by just visiting Lori region and enjoying the rafting we offer.

Except rafting, our visitors can enjoy kayaking and packrafting.

So, we`re waiting for you. Visit Armenia and you`ll have the opportunity to doss for free in the Rafting camping center in a tent. Rafting Center provides with the camping, rafting, kayaking and packrafting appropriate equipment. 

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