Discover city Přerov - central Moravia region

Střední Morava - Přerov

Discover beauty of city center with huge history behind it. First signs about this city are made into 11. century. More info about city: You can visit there few important and interesting places/or atractions: Comenius Museum - the white castle on the photo ( ) Beercraft Zubr - winner of the price The best beer for 2016 ( ) - You can order excursion tour for free, but more than 1 week before. Visit some sports centers - Like swimmingpool, footbal and other playgrounds, tennis (also in winter) Some local restaurants - to get tradition czech food, or czech beer Ornitologic station - Archeological findings Prices in czech are in CZK - czech crowns. 27 Kč = 1 Euro Standard lunch per person is about 4-5 Euro in restaurant 0,5 litre of beer is about 1 Euro, orhter drinks the same. Reccomended amount of money to enjoy and spend all day in Přerov about 20-30 Euro. So, its not too much. BUT, you can enjoy day in Přerov for free, it depends what you wanna do, what you wanna visit :) This is subject of discussion. Přerov has great connection with surrounds cities and locations in every direction. Cities like Olomouc, Zlín, Kroměříž, Prostějov, Lipník nad Bečvou are also very nice to visit, so Přerov is ideal middle point for exploring central Moravia region. I can also offer accomodation in privat house near this city (10 km). Price and more details can be subject of discussion. Feel free to ask! Have a nice day

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connect Střední Morava

Střední Morava

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