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Summer Camp Sicily

Sicilia - Sciacca

The association Campo Jonathan since the summer of 2004, offers its members, children from 7 to 14 years an adventurous vacation in close contact with nature. The camp takes place in Sicily at the Jonathan village in Contrada Maragani, a beautiful resort located in Sciacca. The village is totally immersed in the middle of the Mediterranean just a few meters from the sea. The program: The stay has a duration of seven days full of sport activities, both aquatic and terrestrial, team sports and excursions. Activities consist of canoeing, mountain biking, diving, beach volley, soccer, recycling laboratories, group games, excursions to the river delta. 5 good reasons to choose Campo Jonathan:1 Our proposal represents a real opportunity to empower your children 2 Field It plays with little technology, but so pure and healthy air fun 3 The proposed activities are fun and engaging and, above all, included in the price 4 Staff fully trusted and qualified and will take care of your children with "the diligence of a good father "5 Our cuisine is healthy and prepared by a genuine housewife. For information on the camp you can: visit us in the street in Strasbourg 440 Palermo contact us at 091-589672 from 9 am 13346-4938075 from 14 to 20392-4873322 send us an email to info@campojonathan.it Contacts Monteverde Giuseppe Maria Rita Amato Officers field Monteverde Valentina Giuseppe Ruggieri Maria Rita Amato Association field jonathan Viale Strasbourg, 440-90146 Palermo CF 97227380827 www.campojonathan.it info@campojonathan.it

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