5 unforgettable routes for the ultimate mountain bike tour through Italy

5 unforgettable routes for the ultimate mountain bike tour through Italy


Italy - the birthplace of pizza and pasta has by far not only culinary adventures and exquisite taste experiences to offer. In addition to historic centers such as Rome or the Vatican, breathtaking sceneries extend from the foot of the Southern Alps. Whether Mediterranean plains, white sand beaches or alpine mountain chains, Bella Italia is the destination for beach lovers, hikers and ambitious sportsmen at the same time.

Especially cyclists can get their money's worth in this diversified, exciting country regardless of fitness level or budget. Across the Italian Alps or Tuscany, a variety of well-developed routes lead through the country. We have taken a closer look at five exceptional routes.

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Lunga via delle Dolomiti (South Tyrol-Veneto)

Known as one of the most scenic routes of the country, the “Ciclabile delle Dolomiti” runs along an old train path from Toblach through Cortina d'Ampezzo to Calalzo di Cadore, right into the heart of the Dolomites. The sceneries and panoramas that you will experience on the approximately 65 km stretch will lead you through breathtaking UNESCO World Heritage sites. Not for nothing many Italians see the Dolomites as the most beautiful mountain range in the world, which can only be comprehended with a glass of white wine at sunset. Even less experienced cyclists will enjoy this route.


Ciclovia delle Isole

This route takes you to the Adriatic coast of the Mediterranean to the lagoon of Venice and consists of different cycle routes across several islands. Starting at Chioggia with its historic old town through the island of Pellestrina, which offers the Venetian flair with colorful house facades and fishermen in Traghetti far from tourist crowds the itinerary takes you to the ferry that takes you to the island of Lido. You continue long the natural dunes with wild vegetation in the Alberoni nature reserve through the town of Malamocco with typical Venetian canals and along the route along the murazzi separating the lake from the mainland. Finally you arrive in the real Lido de Venezia, luxurious hotels’ stretch along the coast. It is not for nothing that the international film festivals of Venice take place in this impressive place. If you were already impressed by the island chain and want some more, you can as well look around the beautiful city of Venice, which lays only a ferry ride away.


Along the Tuscan Coast

This varied, multi-day cycling tour will take you along 320 km of narrow, idyllic roads along the entire Tuscan coast. The route from Viareggio to Capalbio-Chiarone Scalo is largely relaxed, but by no means monotonous. There is always the possibility to take a detour to the surrounding mountain towns or the beaches. For many, the highlight of this tour is the ancient Etruscan city of Populonia. In the summer months it is crowded with tourists so it may be worth visiting late spring or even better early autumn. The entire route along the coast of the Tuscan coast offers a perfect opportunity to relax and prepare for further cycling tours in the Tuscan inlands.


Along the South Tyrrhenian Coast

To the south of Naples, on this approximately 300-kilometer-long route, you can find parts of the most beautiful coastal sections of Italy. Starting from the Coestiera Amalfitana via the Coestiera Cilentana, which is part of the Cilento National Park, there are always small lemon and olive trees on the slopes of the cliffs. On this almost asphalted stretch along cliffs and beaches you can admire the Nastro Azzurro, one of the most significant coastal roads of the country between Sorrento and Amalfi, as well as the ancient city of Paestum. This route is somewhat more challenging than along the coast but none of the slopes is particularly long or steep, making it also suitable for less athletic riders.


The Mountains of Piemonte

The entire area in and around Piemonte is truly unique, almost completely untouched, giving you a phenomenal insight into the Italian culture and landscape. This challenging tour for experienced cyclists will lead you through numerous small mountain valleys and then reward you with the best that Italy has to offer. Breathtaking mountains, uncontaminated Italian towns as well as authentic local cuisine and wine. The surrounding Alpri Marittimi National Park is the highlight of the route alongside the tiny valley of Bellino. Piemonte's mountain peaks are often named among the best by experienced cyclists.


The best time to make a bike tour through Italy is in late spring, as well as early autumn, since at that the tourist season is not so high and the temperatures are far more pleasant than in the summer. Anyone who decides to drive through Italy during the summer months should always carry enough water to counteract the dehydration, as on hot summer days it will be over 40 ° C.

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