Falling in love with the heart of Slovenia

Falling in love with the heart of Slovenia

Heart of Slovenia is home to beautiful valleys, green hills, and fascinating history. Today we will show you interesting places you can visit in a day or two.

You can start your tour in Litija which is an old settlement known by its history of rafting but not just that. It is also one of the oldest mining settlement in Slovenia and one amazing sight is linked with mining here. This year a part of the local mine was opened for tourists. You can see old mining equipment, taste a traditional mining schnaps and tea and say hello to the one bat living in the tunnel. Although nowadays the mine seems peaceful and pleasant, do not be fooled. It witnessed hard work, miners were often sick, and their life expectancy was shorter than for other people. Although the mine was closed more than 50 years ago, it is still dangerous to walk on the hill underneath the mine as one can step into collapsed mining tunnels. So better follow the marked paths.

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Local tip: if you have time, you can also visit the Museum of Litija.


Getting married like a princess

From Litija, the path should lead you to the fairytale castle Bogenšperk. The castle was owned by a very important Slovenian person – Janez Vajkard Valvasor, who had the oldest copperplane engraving printing press in Slovenia. He is the most famous by his book The Glory of the Duchy of Carniola where he scientifically described the disappearing lake Cerknica. Can you imagine, that Valvasor loved his book so much, that he spent all his money for its printing and had to sell the castle! You must visit the castle and see his old press, so you can come back in time and create your own experience!

Nowadays, the castle is very popular for weddings and if you happen to be there on a summer Saturday, expect to see several wedding ceremonies! On rainy days, the wedding takes place in the old library, but on the sunny days, it takes place in the tree promenade in the park.

Local tip: In August, Knight Days are happening at castle Bogenšperk. You can watch how the knights used to show their strength and courage, prepare tea from secret herbs and let the court fool make you laugh.

Putting Slovenia on a finger

Your path from Bogenšperk leads you to Vače. Imagine cutting Slovenia out of the globe and putting it on your finger. It will be balanced precisely at its geometrical center. The geometrical center of Slovenia is abbreviated as GEOSS and is located near Vače. One of the less known sights in Vače is a fossilized seashore and, believe it or not, 13 million years ago this area was under the sea! Vače is also home to one of the most beautiful and preserved vessels from the early Iron Age. There you can see its copy – but don't be disappointed when you see the real one in the National Museum of Slovenia in Ljubljana. The one in Vače is much larger.

Come and see the heart of Slovenia that we hope will capture a bit of your heart too.

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