Hide Away in Ljubljana

Hide Away in Ljubljana

Ljubljana in getting more and more touristy and as locals we like beautiful but peaceful and less crowded places and still enjoy what city has to offer. We found a few spots that are not so touristy and really show the best of Ljubljana, and we recommend to visit them if you want to feel more like a local and less like a tourist.


Winter Rafting

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Quiet forest

Ljubljana is surrounded by many forested hills, and Golovec is the largest and the most lonely one. There are many ways to the top, some more for walking and running others more suitable for cycling. You can find locals any time of the day. In the morning and the evening mostly younger ones, during the day older ones going on their daily walk with friends. On top of the hill, there is an observatory with a telescope Vega (named after our famous mathematician) which is open on select days like solstice and equinox.


March along the Wire

One path to the Golovec is extraordinary. In February 1942 Italian forces occupied Ljubljana and surrounded it with barb wire. The wire was there for 1171 days. In memory of the wire, there is a 32.5-kilometer peaceful path around Ljubljana paved with sand and trees, a part of it also going on top of Golovec. If you go there in the evening, you will see locals running, cycling or walking their dogs.


The beach

A few minutes walk from the city center there is Špica (pointed tip) which welcomes you with pleasant green surroundings, a large area paved with wood and deckchairs. It used to be a town beach, (built already in 1906!) but nowadays it is more of hanging around the spot, that attracts young and old, couples and families. Especially on sunny days, you can find people playing, supping or just sitting around. There is a lovely cafe where you can have a coffee with views over the lazy Ljubljanica river.

Tea in the middle of the flowers

From the beach, just a stroll across the footbridge brings you to Ljubljana Botanical Garden. There’s a small tea house where you can get a bite to eat and of course tea. The botanical garden is filled with more than 4500 different trees, flowers, and other plants.


Ski jumping even in summer

Slovenian ski jumpers are excellent because they can also train in the summer. Practically in the middle of Ljubljana, but still away from eyes there is Mostec. Mostec is a sports park that includes jumping hill for both, summer and winter jumping. At any time of the year there are many professional and recreational athletes training there.


Relaxing by the pond

Near the ZOO, there is an artificial pond called Koseški bajer where you can watch all sorts of animals and plants. It is especially magical in the morning. In the winter, you can even join the locals ice-skating here.


The best local tip that we can give you is that sometime, you should just allow yourself to get lost in Ljubljana and discover the hidden places, away from the crowds.




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