Nordic Walking - best way to keep healthy?

Nordic Walking - best way to keep healthy?


Air, pace, fitness, power!

At first glance it seems like a miracle cure. Instead, it is JUST Nordic Walking, walking in the nature that is enriched by the technicality of using two sticks. The two sticks on top basically push the body to involve the largest possible number of muscles which makes for a number of benefits Nordic Walking has: it stimulates the heart and circulation, strengthens the arms and shoulders, improves posture of the back and tones buttocks and abs.

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The movement allows to involve approximately 90% of the musculature (ie. over 600 muscles) producing consequently a consumption of 20-30% higher energy compared to walking without sticks. On top, according to many studies, Nordic Walking has many other benefits on posture and joints, the natural production of insulin and immune system, the process of aging and stress management.

To get the most out of this activity and obtain the highest efficiency of the movement as a whole, a the correct technique is absolutely crucial.  A wrong movement acquired at the beginning is very difficult to correct and in some rare cases it can even cause a physical damage. It is therefore recommened to hire specialized instructors who can facilitate acquisition of the correct movement and accompany you to discover and truly benefit from this healthy activity.

Nordic Walking is for everyone!

Few sports can match the characteristics of Nordic Walking.  This sport is suitable for everyone, starting from children to the elderly. Walking with poles is natural and healthy sport that can be practiced anywhere, throughout the year and at all ages. You can walk alone or in a company, in silence or chatting, you can walk for a short time or for days.

It’s difficult to try to describe the experience, you simply have to try it on your own. You can walk to keep in good shape, to reduce weight, to train or just for pleasure. Walking is the natural movement par excellence, walking with poles is something more. With the little time there is available, you don’t need to do much. Just start walking from your and get the whole body in movement.

Herewith a detailed overview of benefits that Nordic Walking brings:

  • It enables a higher energy consumption by 20 - 30% compared to walking without poles.
  • You get to involve about 90% of our musculature (over 600 muscles)
  • Thanks to the active involvement of auxiliary respiratory muscles, oxygenation of the whole organism is increased.
  • It operates four out of the five major forms of motor exercise: endurance, strength, mobility, coordination.
  • It releases contractions in the shoulder area and neck.
  • It slows down the aging process
  • It stimulates the elimination of hormones originating from stress
  • It increases the heart rate by 10-15 beats per minute compared to the traditional walk at the same pace. Thus it generates a good cardiovascular exercise
  • It strengthens the immune system
  • It improves posture and promotes the spine mobilization
  • It lightens the load on joints and the motor apparatus in general
  • It improves mood because it facilitates release of substances like endorphins and serotonin to counter anxiety and depression;
  • It harmonizes the beat of the heart that, as we know, in times of stress tends to accelerate, causing anxiety and fear
  • With the physical improvements of the body, the mind tends to ward off problems making them less insistent and, at the same time, tend to see with greater ease the worries of every day so that you can deal with them in a calmer way
  • It regulates breathing which tends to be short and shallow in moments of anxiety and fear
  • It offloads the accumulated muscular tension without the risk of tearing or stretching
  • It restores the values ​​of blood pressure, triglycerides and cholesterol, as you consume fat
  • It decreases the blood glucose levels related to diabetic diseases
  • It protects the body from osteoporosis and osteoarthritis because thanks to a moderate effort it constantly stimulates the ability of the bones to absorb calcium and produces substances such as elastin and collagen that make up cartilage
  • It has been demonstrated that Nordic Walking significantly reduces the perception of fatigue which allows to perform a longer physical activity. It is therefore ideal for non-sporty or untrained people

My experience as an Environmental Guide and Nordic Walking instructor has been that the people who practice it as well as discover the hidden corners of my beloved Sicily, socialize easier to create deep friendships.

Thank SINW for approval of the use of their materials in this blog.

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