Transylvania - local life, people and culture

Transylvania - local life, people and culture


Rich multicultural heritage, delicious, healthy and home grown food, handcrafts long forgotten and a simple way of life in small local communities are the words best expressing and showing feelings while visiting Transylvania.

The local life in Transylvania will impress you!

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Transylvania, its major cities and locations has its own unique personality and a specific vibe of life. Some of the cities, such as Cluj-Napoca, Sibiu or Brasov, are well known places for a perfect city break in Romania. The trending and student town of Cluj-Napoca contrasts with the cultural charm of Sibiu or the medieval atmosphere of Brasov. The cities of Sighisoara, Targu-Mures or Bistrita are rich in tourist attractions, with plenty of spots to admire. Open squares or narrow cobbled-stoned streets with sturdy and colourful houses will impress you with their details and typical charm. They should not be overlooked either!

Nevertheless, the true beauty of Transylvania lies in its distinguished countryside, where the simple way of locals’ life and their sense of hospitality will capture your soul like a flash. Some regions have a unique charm making your Transylvanian experience more authentic and pure. Centuries old Romanian traditions and customs, woodcarving still used for everything and locals in traditional wear every Sunday are still part of everyday life in Maramures. An architectural masterpieces which reflect the best example and variety of wood carving design and craftsmanship, the UNESCO wooden churches of Maramures, are described as “probably one of the most peaceful, picturesque, and full of tranquillity and positive energy places from Romania”.


If you want to immerse into local life to really see what village life is like, spend some time in Crit, Saschiz or Viscri.

Hiking in surrounding hills is a great choice for active holiday, but the Carpathian foothills are perfect especially for horse riding.

Enjoying a wine tasting with the local winery owners can cheer you up and provide authentic insights into the local life apart from  the rush of the touristic centres.

Besides the delicious regional food and wine served in charming local restaurants, there are other interesting attractions to see. The Merry Cemetery of Sapanta, famous mostly for its cheerful approach to death that encompasses colourful crosses and naive paintings representing scenes from the life of the departed is a place which tries to make death a natural part of life - a belief which comes mainly from the Dacians, who believed in eternal life and for which death was merely a passage to another world.

If you are in the area during August, don’t miss the “The Long Way to The Merry Cemetery” festival, a place where local musicians, craftsmen and dancers gather and make the festival an authentic experience.

So, here comes the recipe for a perfect holiday in Transylvania: go far away from the busy cities, just make a synthesis of beautiful landscapes, quaint village life and a slow pace for everything.


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