What is ... Cassata palermitana?

What is ... Cassata palermitana?


Cassata palermitana is a very ancient cake. Its origins date back to the Arab period and its name is of Arabic origin: Quas'at means large round bowl. The interesting fact is that this cake was invented by chance by a shepherd that mixed sugar with the ricotta cheese resulting in a cream that is the basis of the Cassata. This cake, which is one of the most popular sweets of the people of Palermo, is rarely baked home as the preparation takes a long time. Those of you who would like to try to prepare it, we can share an old family receipt with you.


  • 500 gr Ricotta cheese
  • 280-320 gr sugar
  • Rectangular sponge cake that you can purchase or prepare at home
  • 100 g chocolate chips
  • Candied fruit
  • One nice day

Mix the ricotta with the sugar and let it stand overnight. Pass the ricotta mix through a sieve and add the chocolate chips.

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A fine sieve (see picture) with a wooden spoon should be used that forces the passage of the ricotta mix through. Take a special mold with oblique walls. Cut the sponge cake into rectangles and line the bottom of the mold. Cut smaller rectangles and line them on the side. Fill with the cream cheese and a layer of sponge cake. Let it stand over night and the next day remove from pan. To produce the cake icing, melt 150 grams of sugar with a little water in a pan, stir until it becomes a glaze and sprinkle a thing layer of it on the cake. This must be done while the icing is still warm. Decorate the cake with the candied fruit to your liking.

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